Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summertime blues.....

Well, it's been a great summer. Hot and dry weather makes me want to sit in the shade with a glass of cold lemonade enjoying the gardens...OK, so I probably have a glass of wine...

This weather has also not been very good for hooking-for me at least. I have also not wanted to sit here at the computer to update our blog.
So much has happened this summer. This June the  guild had a great Strawberry Festival at Mill Brook Gallery and Sculpture Gardens in Concord. We had a beautiful day of hooking on the deck, overlooking  sculpture gardens and had a treat of seeing their horses run and play in the back pasture. We hooked, laughed, hooked some more, then feasted on fresh strawberry shortcake and whipped cream. We decided to book the deck for next year's celebration.
Victor studies a sculpture

you can't hook with the fiber from this  

The deck was a fabulous place to hook. We were surrounded by beautiful gardens and wonderful art work in the gallery. Hopefully we will have a beautiful day in 2011, and more of our members will be able to join us.

Happy Hooking,