Monday, October 26, 2009

September Meeting Minutes

NH ATHA Guild Meeting

White Mountain Woolen Magic

September 12, 2009


Pam Bartlett, President

Lynda Hadlock, Treasurer and Membership Chairman

Grace Collette, Secretary

Chapter members (12)

The meeting was called to order by President Pam Bartlett at 10:00AM.

General Business Discussed:

President Pam Bartlett announced that the next meeting will be at 10:00 AM October 17th at the Maxfield Library in Loudon, NH.

Also, a Raffle Rug is done by members every other year to be donated towards the support of a farm environment for students with disabilities. The rug is passed around the chapter volunteers, each doing a section. This has been done by our chapter 3 times. President Pam will donate the linen, and Ann will do the design.

Lynda Hadlock announced that she has started a chapter blog, and hopes we all enjoy participation. She has sent a link to all members.

Grace Collette discussed submission of items for the Deerfield Fair, and prizes given. Members will deliver hooked items to Pam Bartlett’s house by September 14th, be picked up by Lynda Hadlock, and delivered to the fair by Grace Collette. Grace will arrange a schedule for demonstrators at the fair, and return of items. Each member mails in their own application to the fair, which was emailed to all by Grace.

Lynda Hadlock brought magazines to be enjoyed by all.

GUEST SPEAKER – Peggy Anderson

Peggy has great education and experience as an art teacher in a private school. She shared with us some inspiring design tips and techniques, with pictures of hooked rugs as examples, with handouts and displays.

Principles of Design

Rules of composition – The design should lead the eye into or around the design, not across and out of the work. Movement is created by line, color and shape.

Peggy distributed examples of good and bad designs, and explained what would improve each, such as:

The art of Balance – is achieved through the use of:

Contrast in line, color, or shape– creates weight, draws attention

Dominance in color, texture, or shape

Echoed Elements

Flow - created through repetition

Color – warm colors are heavier (draw attention) more than cool colors

Bright is heavier than dull

Value – darker is heavier than lighter

Stronger contrast is heavier

Texture – Rough is heavier than smooth

Shape – large is heavier than small

Geometric is heavier than organic

Line – a complicated line is heavier than a smooth, simple line

Space – a large patterned (positive) space and small background (negative) space is equal to another small patterned and large background space, in the same design for balance

Form – the position of items in a design should be balanced throughout the piece. Interesting shapes need 3 items to differ. They are length, height and width.

It was agreed that we all enjoyed Peggy enormously, and would love to have her speak again.

12:00 Lunch break with thanks to Pam for coffee and desert.

The afternoon was filled with enjoyment and discussion of each other’s rugs, and greatly appreciated tips for each of us by Peggy.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 PM by President Pam Bartlett.

Respectfully submitted,

Grace E. Collette

Secretary, NH ATHA

Friday, October 2, 2009

Home, Sweet, Home

Pam and I have returned from our loooong trip to the AHTH Biennial. We had fun, met some great people and found some great wool. Photos and updates posted soon.Must get to packing  for the Deerfield Fair. Our guild is demonstrating in the crafts barn.
Happy Hooking,